Interview With Brock Waidmann

I have been ranting for quite some time about the injustice of Hollywood Producers casting able bodied actors to play disabled characters. Many people, including myself, have been calling on Hollywood Producers to cast actors with disabilities in roles for characters with disabilities or to go one step further and cast actors with disabilities in roles where the disability is not even part of the story line.

Recently, I learned that the Producers of a new TV show which will soon be coming to NBC have done just that. The people behind tha new Paul Reiser Show have cast a young actor named Brock Waidmann to play one of Paul's two sons on the show.

I contacted Brock and asked for an interview and learned something else. Brock is a delightful and very interesting young man. Read this interview with Brock Waidmann and find out why.


  1. What a wonderful boy! He is very down to earth about his life. I am very impressed. I love the TV show Glee, but was startled to see the wheelchair bound character come out of his wheelchair and dance. I know it was part of a daydream, but it would be nice if they had given the part to someone who actually uses a wheelchair. . . give someone the opportunity. I wish the best success for this TV show.

  2. Thanks Stacy for your comment. Brock does seem like a well grounded kid. I was also very impressed with him.

    I am very pleased Paul Reiser and his team cast a boy with a real disability and they did a great job finding Brock. I hope many TV producers take notice.

    But to me it means more than giving an opportunity to a disabled actor. By inviting Brock into their homes once a week, people around the USA will learn, as Brock tells us, disabled kids are just like any other kid. This is very important.

    I join you in wishing success for both Brock and the show!


  3. I'm really glad I read that. It's interesting to think about how frequently actors are congratulated for their "startling portrayals" of people with disabilities when someone who actually is disabled could, obviously, do a far better job in the film. Thanks for sharing that, I am sure Brock will do very well as an actor, being so eloquent in that interview.

  4. Lauren:

    I could not agree with you more. Brock will add alot of depth to this program and I am looking forward to seeing what a talent like Paul Reiser incorporates Brock into the show

  5. EXCELLENT! Great post and interview that I read from the link to your website! He seems like a great kid and capable actor. As I get people who comment on my site about authentic portrayals of those with a disAbility who often say that this kind of portrayal and representation only ADDS to the depth of the character! I have to applaud Paul Reiser too! What a great guy to look for an actor with the same or similar disAbility as his character for the show. Making that happen in Hollywood is not easy...I know first hand and so I must congratulate and thank Paul and his producers for their commitment!


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