Will RehaDesign Tire Covers Fit 25 inch Tires?

What Size Tire Does Wheelchair Slippers Fit?

 YES! Generally Slippers Will Fit 25 Inch Tires

We frequently get asked if Wheelchair Slippers will fit 25 inch tires. The answer is, YES! but it depends.

RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers are wheelchair tire covers designed to cover the big rear tires of manual wheelchairs. Wheelchair Slippers keep the house clean, and protect floors and carpets from dirt and damage. Wheelchair Slippers go on the tires very easily and they have an inside lining that grips to the tire to prevent slipping. 

But what size tires do they fit? Slippers are designed to fit 24 inch tires. But many customers with 25 inch tires have told us that they work for them as well.  For example, in February 2021, a customer named Manja sent the photos you see below:

In the photo above you can see the size printed on Manja's tire is clearly 25 inch.

In the photo above, you can see that RehaDesign Slipppers fit Manja's tires with room to spare. But we can not be sure that Wheelchair Slippers will fit on ALL 25 inch tires. Why? Some wheelchair tires, for example, knobby and other off-road wheelchair tires can be quite large. Wheelchair Slippers are very elastic, but they may not fit on all sizes of 25 inch tires.  So, while we can not guarantee that Wheelchair Slippers will fit your 25 inch tires, in most cases they probably will. 

But do not try this with RehaDesign Mud Eaters. Mud Eaters are made from thick neoprene and are much less elastic than Wheelchair Slippers. They are designed to be water resistant and to cover very wet and muddy wheelchair tires. Mud Eaters are also frequently used for wet indoor environments like swimming pools and saunas.  Mud Eaters are made to fit ONLY 24 inch tires. Mud Eaters would never work with 25 inch wheelchair tires. 

Read this article to determine if Rehadesign Slippers will fit your 25 inch tire.

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