Monday, November 23, 2015

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Wheelchair Users

Are you looking for a Christmas Gift Idea For a Wheelchair User for Christmas 2015? Here are four unique ideas for Christmas Gifts for for the wheelchair user in your life:

Wheelchair Tire Covers

Wheelchairs tires get dirty and muddy. They can get covered with gum and animal droppings. What do wheelchair users do when they bring the wheelchair inside? Usually, they mess up the floors. Now wheelchair users can put on their Wheelchair Tire Covers, called "Wheelchair Slippers" and "Wheelchair Socks". Wheelchair tire covers are machine washable and will keep the floors clean and safe from damage. Wheelchair Tire Covers made great Christmas gift ideas, because most wheelchair users do not know that they exist.  For more information about Wheelchair Tire Covers visit

Or watch this brief (1 minute) video:

Wheelchair Push Rim Covers

Wheelchair Push Rims (or wheelchair hand rims) are the rings on the wheels that the wheelchair user pushes in order to move the wheelchair. Wheelchair Pushrims are freezing cold in the winter and burning hot in the summer. They can also cause abrasions and blisters on the hand. They get scratched and ugly. But most importantly, wheelchair pushrims are slick metal and hard to grab onto.

Ultra-Grrrip Pushrim covers go on easily, in just seconds. They have a rubbery texture that is easy to grip and they come in a large variety of colors (red, blue, green, pink, purple, yellow and black), so they make the wheelchair look great. Ultra-Grrrip Pushrim Covers are available on Amazon.  Find out more about Ultra-Grrrip Wheelchair Pushrim Covers by watching the brief the video below:

Wheelchair Lights

wUnderGlow Wheelchair Lights are the first lights designed for manual wheelchairs. They clip on in seconds and come off just as easily. Use them for night time visibility and fun. Watch the brief video below and see the fun lighting effects!

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Adult Footed Pajamas
Many people with disabilities are extremely sensitive to the cold. Winters can be particularly difficult for many disabled people. Adult footed pajamas are probably the warmest pajamas on the market because they cover the wearer from head to foot. Kajamaz adult footed pajamas are made in Europe and feature a specially designed backflap which makes it easier to use the toilet. 

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

La solution pour les pneus sales des fauteuils roulants

Les roues de votre fauteuil roulant salissent-elles votre tapis ? Les pneus de votre fauteuil roulant laissent-ils des marques noires sur le sol ? Ne laissez pas votre fauteuil roulant endommager votre sol et vos tapis. Maintenant il existe une solution : Les RehaDesign Wheelchair Tire Covers couvrent les roues des fauteuils roulants manuels et empêchent celles-ci de transférer des marques de saleté ou traces sur le plancher ou les tapis. Regardez la vidéo ci-dessous.

* RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers : Couvre les roues arrière des fauteuils roulants manuels
* RehaDesign Wheelchair Socks : Couvre les pneus avant pivotants des fauteuils roulants manuels.
* RehaDesign Mud Eaters : Housse pour roues arrière de fauteuil roulant, résistante à l'eau, pour roues humides ou boueuses, ou pour une utilisation dans les piscines et les spas.

Les Wheelchair Slippers et Wheelchair Socks sont fabriqués dans un joli tissu doux, avec une doublure spéciale à l'intérieur pour éviter tout glissement Ces housses de pneu pour chaise roulante sont lavables en machine et se placent facilement en quelques secondes comme vous pouvez le voir sur la vidéo.  

Démonstration des Wheelchair Slippers

Démonstration des Wheelchair Socks

Les housses de chaises roulantes Mud Eaters sont fabriquées en néoprène résistant. Toutes les housses RehaDesign pour chaises roulantes sont disponibles à l’achat sur le site

Monday, October 19, 2015

How Can Businesses Protect Floors and Carpets From Wheelchair Tires?

In 2013 Lexi Haas, a young girl in a wheelchair was turned away from a museum because employees were concerned that her wheelchair wheels would soil the carpet. The family was extremely upset and wrote a story on Facebook about what happened. Lexi's story went viral and hit the national media. It became a PR nightmare for the museum.

Just 3 months earlier, Amal Mohamed was refused entry to a Fabco shoe store for exactly the same reason: an employee was worried that her wheelchair tires would soil the carpet. Amal's story did not get the same press coverage as Lexi's. But she did win a $10,000 settlement from Fabco.

The American with Disabilities Act guarantees access to wheelchair users. Failure to provide access may result in huge fines, not to mention bad press. This is a big problem for many small businesses such as museums, stores, spas, hospitals and many other businesses. Floors and carpeting are expensive. But access to wheelchair users can not be denied.

What can businesses do to protect their property from dirty wheelchair tires without breaking Federal laws? The answer to this question is in this 45 second video:

Monday, October 12, 2015

Obama and Clinton Talk Christmas

Did you ever need help coming up with a gift idea for your wife? Everyone does. In this video, Barak Obama calls Bill Clinton for advice. Obama needs help with a Christmas gift idea for Michelle. What advice does Clinton offer his buddy Barak? Can Clinton help? Watch this fun little video clip and find out:

Thursday, October 8, 2015

5 Things You Can Do When Your Wheelchair Rolls Through Dog Poop

Ever stepped in dog poop? What about gum? Of course you have. What do you do? You frantically scrape your shoe on the curb. Then you rub your shoe on paper or grass to get as much as possible off.

Now imagine you roll through dog poop in a wheelchair. What do you do?

5. Put on your gloves because you know that stuff is going to find its way to your hands. Yuk!

4. Roll through every puddle you can find on the way home hoping that some of it will wash away.

3. Curse the dog owner or the gum chewer and wish that karma returns the favor.

2. Take a brush to it and try to scrape it out of the crevices between your treads.

1. Watch the video below:

Any other ideas?

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wheelchair Tires Messing Up Your Floors and Carpets? Here Is The Solution

Every Wheelchair user has experienced it. You are riding in the street and roll over a piece of gum or dog poop. It wedges itself into the treads of your tires. Now when you get home, you must either scrub it out or risk tracking it over your floors or carpets. Now there is a better option: RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers and Wheelchair Socks. What are they? As shown in the photo below, RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers cover the big rear wheels of manual wheelchairs. RehaDesign Wheelchair Socks cover the small front caster wheels:

Watch the short (45 second video to learn more).

How difficult is it to put on Wheelchair Socks? Wheelchair Socks go on in seconds as can be seen in this video:

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mud Eaters : Water Resistant Wheelchair Tire Covers

We have been selling Wheelchair Slippers for many years. They continue to be one of our best selling products. We get many positive emails from customers telling us how nice they are and how they help to keep the house clean. Then about a year ago, a customer asked us if we made water resistant Wheelchair Tire Covers for a swimming pool? We started investigating the issue and asking around. It seemed that many customers were interested in a wheelchair tire cover that would stand up to water. We were told that Wheelchair Slippers do a great job keeping dirt and marks from transferring to the floors and carpets. But what about mud?

That got our creative minds thinking. It took about a year and a half of trial and error (and believe me, there was a lot of error) until we hit on just the right material. We tested different types of materials until we hit on one that worked best. In the end we created our newest wheelchair tire covers from non-porous neoprene. It is a type of neoprene which is stretchable so it can be pulled over the wheels and then holds on tightly and will not come off. These covers are tough and durable and yet they look nice too. We even had them tested by a Spanish company which has wheelchair accessible swimming pools. This company tested our covers for several months in chlorinated water and sent them back to us for inspection. The chlorine did not visibly damage or change the properties of the neoprene.

With the right material in hand, it was a matter of finding a way of joining the ends together so that water does not leak from there either. With the right material and the right design, RehaDesign Mud Eaters were born!

So, if you are using your wheelchair in a wet or muddy environment, or if you would like to take your wheelchair into a wet area such as a swimming pool, you would probably be interested to learn about RehaDesign Mud Eaters.

Sadly, a few months ago, we read an article about a young girl in Georgia named Lexi Haas. Lexi was rejected from entering a museum because her wheelchair would "get the carpet dirty". That decision caused the museum a great deal of embarrassment from the negative publicity it generated. It also cost the staff member her job. What a pity for everyone involved. The solution is now obvious, but how can we tell the museums and swimming pools of the world about Mud Eaters? Any suggestions?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wheelchair Pushrim Covers

Would you like to improve your grip on the wheelchair pushrims? Are you thinking about an alternative to wheelchair gloves? Why not consider wheelchair push rim covers? Watch this video to see how easy it is to put Ultra-Grrrip Wheelchair Push Rim covers on your wheel chair:
Ultra-Grrrip push rim covers not only improve your grip on the wheelchair pushrims, these rim covers make pushing your wheelchair more comfortable too. With Ultra-Grrrip wheelchair pushrim covers you may not need to wear wheelchair gloves. Ultra-grrrip pushrim covers come in red and black colors and improve the look of your wheelchair. These push rim covers are made in sizes for children and adult wheelchairs. Read more about RehaDesign Ultra-Grrrip Rim Covers.

Friday, December 21, 2012

TSA Detains 12 Year Old Wheelchair User

I get the need for airport security, I really do. I am pleased that they are screening the bad guys and keeping them off the airplanes. But frankly, this is no excuse for abusing a 12 year old wheelchair user for nearly an hour: What is particularly annoying is that this sick little girl was isolated from her mother and left in a fairly stressful situation. This is not the way to handle cases like this and I do hope that TSA can work to improve its terrible public image.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Nursing Home Abuse

How is the nursing home treating your mother or father? Watch what these children learned after installing a so-called "Nanny Cam" to monitor their care of their loved one. This may be hard to watch:

Bottom line: Do NOT trust every nursing home to have the best interest of your loved one at heart. If you see bruises or scratches or notice things missing from their room, be suspicious.